Ginger Lassi

  - Ginger Lassi
Lassi is an Indian drink made of yoghurt, water and spices consumed for refreshment on hot days. Traditional lassi is salty and spiced with chili. If you are looking for a powerful thirst quencher, this is it. However, there are several varieties of lassi that you can enjoy! Here is one such lassi that you would like to prepare at home and is good for diabetics. Ginger Lassi is a refreshing blend of yogurt, ginger honey, cumin, cinnamon powder, mint leaves and ice cubes. This is an easy-to-make drink recipe that you can prepare quickly. Ginger helps in lowering cholesterol and boosts the body′s metabolism. The whole thing is sprinkled with cinnamon and decorated with coriander leaves, which enhance the taste of the drink. A glass of chilled lassi after lunch or dinner can help you digest your food properly.
2 cups of yogurt
400 ml of water
1 dash of cinnamon
salt as required

2 tablespoons Mel Pulveris Ginger Honey
2 teaspoons of cumin seeds
1 handful of coriander leaves
5 ice cubes
How To Make Ginger Lassi:
Step 1 Whip the yogurt
To prepare this easy drink, take the yogurt in a bowl and beat it well.

Step 2 Dry roast the spices
Crush the roasted cumin seeds in a mortar.

Step 3 Mix the ingredients
Now add the yogurt, water, salt, roasted cumin seeds, and Ginger Honey in a food processor. Blend them until smooth.

Step 4 Serve chilled
Add ice cubes to serving glasses and pour lassi into them. Sprinkle it with a little cinnamon and garnish with a coriander hood. Serve chilled.

Step 5 Note
To enhance the flavor, you can add some red chili powder and some mint leaves while whisking in a blender.


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